LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Metro Police are investigating gas thefts happening across the Las Vegas valley.

The suspects involved are accused of using fake credit cards and tampering with fuel pumps to dispense thousands of gallons of stolen fuel into modified cars and trailers.

The stolen gas was then resold and then shipped out of state.

Luis Gomez Medero, 41, Javier Gomez, 35, and Raidel Amodor Blanco, 27, were arrested and face charges including felony theft, conspiracy to commit theft, and disregard for safety of person and property.

Jose Hernandez, 48, was also identified in a separate gas theft incident and accused of modifying several different vehicles to store gas on his property.

Police are asking those who witness these types of incidents to call Crime Stoppers to remain anonymous at 702-385-5555.