LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Metro police patrols usually involve watching for crime and protecting the public. But now, officers are doing their part to deliver food in addition to service.

“Patrol packs” contain a number of canned items and nonperishable items. Filled with canned vegetables, pasta, granola bars – and even a can opener – the idea is to provide a meal for families that need a little help.

These patrol packs were provided through an anonymous donor. Convoy of Hope, a nonprofit focused on providing humanitarian services, was involved in securing the supplies.

Metro has received 13 palettes of bags, so a patrol pack could go into every police vehicle throughout the valley.

“Sometimes when we go out, it’s for a miscellaneous phone call where you realize a small child was playing on the phone,” said Sgt. Matt Kovacich of Metro’s Office of Community Engagement. “And you do your investigation when talking to the family, and you realize that something as small as this can help them.”

Ethan Forhetz of Convoy of Hope said, “Because we know those officers see people in need all day long and we’ve heard so many stories about officers taking their own money and going to grocery stores and buying supplies and buying it for people who need it.”

Metro has already started to give out some of the 1,300 patrol packs.

Every Metro Area Command was given an entire palette – and each palette had anywhere from 85 to 100 packs depending on the size of the Area Command.

Metro said they hope to continue to provide this type of assistance in the future.