Metro: Officer-involved shooting suspect was trying to die in suicide by cop

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A man killed by police officers on Oct. 10 committed suicide by cop, according to Metro Police’s investigation.

The suspect was identified by the Clark County Coroner as Kenneth Ryan Busse Jr. Metro Police said they came to the suicide by cop conclusion because Busse had made suicidal comments in the past and the day of the shooting.

Metro Police held a news conference at 2:30 p.m. Monday to discuss the details of the deadly officer-involved shooting that occurred Wednesday near the intersection of Rainbow Boulevard and Gary Avenue, which is south of Blue Diamond. 

According to Metro, Busse Jr. was suspected of DUI when he was shot and killed after he shot at officers who were responding to a three-car crash in the area.

The officers involved in the shooting have been identified as Officer Kenneth Pilette and Officer Chad Betts. Both officers were wearing body-worn cameras during the shooting.

Metro Police said everything unfolded following the three-car crash near the intersection of S. Rainbow Boulevard and Gary Avenue. Drivers of two of the vehicles involved in the crash told officers that they believed Busse was driving under the influence. 

As officer Pilette continued his investigation, Officer Betts walked over to Busse and asked him to participate in a field sobriety test to determine if he was impaired. Busse refused and walked away from Officer Betts.

Officer Betts walked toward Busse to take him into custody, but Busse ran toward a bush and picked up a firearm that was hid in a bush.

Metro’s investigation revealed Busse hid the firearm prior to officers arriving on scene.

Officer Betts saw the handgun and immediately ran behind the suspect’s vehicle to take cover. He gave Busse verbal warnings to drop his gun, but Busse refused.

Busse aimed his gun and fired at Officer Betts.  Officer Pilette saw what was happening and fired his gun at Busse but he missed. 

Busse turned his gun around toward Officer Pilette and fired at him.  Offficer Pilette then retreated behind his squad car for cover.

Officer Betts fired two rounds at Busse causing him to fall to the ground.

Officer called for an ambulance, but when paramedics arrived, they found Busse had died at the scene.

Officer Pillette has been with Metro Police for 20 years.  He fired four rounds. Officer Betts has been with the department for 19 years. He fired two rounds.

This was the 20th officer-involved shooting in Metro’s jurisdiction this year. This was the 10th deadly officer-involved shooting this year.

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