Hit-and-run suspect leaves 3 pedestrians injured

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Metro Police have a suspect, now identified as Elijah Christon, in custody after a northwest valley hit-and-run crash Friday that left three people hurt, and damage to a fire engine, according to the police report released with the suspect’s mugshot.

Christon’s van struck three pedestrians and he then fled the scene, police said. Two of the victims are said to be juveniles, accord to Metro.

Police say one of the victims is in critical condition and the other two are stable.

The police report says on Sept. 25 at approximately 3:04 p.m., officers were dispatched to an accident at Rancho and Craig. Dispatch says the suspect crashed his vehicle at Alexander and Mesa Grande, hitting the pedestrians, and then fled the scene, but police were able to catch up with the van following another crash.

The vehicle, described as a blue SUV or van was involved in three separate collisions according to the report.

Christon is said to have hit two pedestrians at Craig and Rainbow, a vehicle at Alexander and Torrey Pines, and Fire Engine 42 at Alexander and Madre Mesa before crashing into a wall.

The driver, now identified as Elijah Christon then exited his vehicle and ran northbound on Madre Mesa away from the accident scene before being approached by firefighters involved in the collision prior to police arrival, according to the report.

According to firefighters, Christon appeared disoriented after being taken into custody by police and did not appear to understand the events that happened.

Christon was starring into the distance and had trouble answering preliminary identification questions, says police.

The report continued to describe how the suspect had difficulty standing at the front of the patrol vehicle and was constantly swaying “as if he did not have any center of gravity on his balance.”

On several occasions, police say Christon would face in other directions and take a step away from the front of the patrol vehicle, without being told to do so, and appeared to not understand that his actions were wrong.

The report concludes saying Christon, while didn’t seem to know the full extent of the event, he knew he was involved in some sort of collision and was being investigated on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Police say Christon understood and had no complaints during the investigation.

Multiple witness statements corroborated with the report. All observed the suspect collide with pedestrians and vehicles, with Christon matching the description of the driver.

Witnesses at the final collision point, including the firefighters inside Engine 42, observed Christon exit the vehicle from the driver’s seat of the blue van.

Based on the facts and circumstances, Christon was arrested for:

  • 2 counts, Duty to stop at a scene of the accident
  • 1 count, DUI
  • 3 counts, Duty to stop at accident with attended vehicle property damage

Christon was transported to CCDC and booked accordingly.

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