LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An officer is recovering in the hospital after being shot inside their own Las Vegas home. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department confirmed to 8 News Now it is investigating a shooting in the Lone Mountain area that occurred on Friday afternoon near Lone Mountain Road and the 215.

The incident appeared to be a robbery gone wrong, with the officer’s family saying they believe the cop was targeted.

8 News Now isn’t identifying the officer or their unit out of a request from the family.

During a bedside phone interview on Saturday, the officer said they had two bullet wounds in their leg after two people tried robbing their home. As a result of the shooting, safety concerns are top of mind in the northwest valley neighborhood where the officer lived.

Chris Ideker lives near the scene of the shooting.

“One of the things I would like to see put up are some of the security cameras, and things like that, around the neighborhood so we can keep an eye on it,” Ideker said on Saturday.

Several neighbors described a chaotic scene to 8 News Now of marked and unmarked police vehicles. They say they’re concerned an officer could be shot in broad daylight while inside their home.

“I happened to see the officer sitting over there on the planter by his house, and I could see there was a little bit of blood on the side. I knew he’d been wounded,” Ideker said.

What isn’t clear is whether the officer was on duty or off-duty at the time. That officer told 8 News Now they’re undergoing surgery Saturday due to the shooting.

Several neighbors said detectives told them they’re looking into whether the suspects climbed over a wall to get into that officer’s home, which is in a gated community.

“As police started fanning out, they started interviewing people who were out there on whether or not we had seen anything,” Ideker said. “Obviously, most of us have not seen anything.”

Ideker, like his other neighbors, told 8 News Now he didn’t hear the gunshots.

Please contact Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555 if you have any video that may have captured the suspects on Friday near 215 and Lone Mountain Road. You can report crimes anonymously.