Metro: 1 killed, multiple people shot near Boulder Highway and Tropicana

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Multiple people were shot at an apartment complex Tuesday afternoon on Boulder Highway. Police say one person died and two others were injured after an argument led to a fatal shooting. 

Sportsman’s Royal Manor has seen its fair share of crime over the past few years.

“My daughter was walking home and she takes this path everyday. But, there’s always an issue with that place and there was a shootout now as she was walking. As a concerned parent, that place is no good,” said resident Teresa Cruz.

Still, Lt. Holmes called the area safe. Holmes said police patrol the area constantly. 

“We have areas of the town that have higher instances of police activity. This happens to be one of them. We were here very quickly. That’s a good thing,” said Holmes.

Metro police say one of the units at the complex was converted into a makeshift recording studio. An argument broke out after one of the residents suspected someone was going to rob him. That’s when shots were fired. 

Two people were rushed to the hospital, including an 18-year-old.

Back in 2015, we spoke to property manager Debra Steffy shortly after a woman was gunned down on the property.

“If you get 665 houses in an area, low income, and affordable housing, you’re going to have problems. I don’t know how else to explain it,” she said at the time. 

Steffy hired a new security system. She hoped it would fix the problem. 

“This happens everyday with this place over here. It happens everyday. We have to protect our children. It’s horrible,” said Cruz. 

Police say the person who lives inside of the apartment complex was seen running from the area and hid a backpack. Police are still looking through it to see what was inside. However, police found a rifle in a trash can nearby. 

It is still unclear if the two people in the hospital are suspects or victims. 

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