LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A 4-month-old died last summer from methamphetamine in her blood, court documents obtained by the I-Team said.

Metro police arrested Leilani Salomon’s parents, Evangelina Salomon and Brian Carroll, last month on child abuse charges. Leilani was born in April 2020 and died in August from methamphetamine toxicity, the coroner’s office reported. Her manner of death remains listed as undetermined.

In October, Carroll told investigators he and Salomon used meth together and would sometimes get high in a bathroom adjacent to a bedroom where they left their child, court documents said.

Carroll told investigators he was not surprised Leilani had meth in her system at her time of death, telling investigators, “it could have been from him touching and using methamphetamine with his hands and it being on his fingers when he would hold and carry” her, according to court documents.

Carroll also described his drug use as “careless and expressed remorse for his actions,” investigators said.

In November, investigators interviewed Salomon, who according to court documents, was also not surprised meth was found in her daughter’s system, adding second-hand smoke may be to blame since Leilani was “around it while she and Brian used it.”

Both Salomon and Carroll were released on bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Feb. 16.