LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Several people reported seeing and hearing a meteor over northwest Arizona on Monday night.

According to Christina Chitwood in White Hills, Arizona, the fireball appeared to be exploding in the sky at 6:53 p.m. She was able to record the flash on a security camera.

Chitwood saw the meteor and asked her husband if he had seen the light. He replied that he had, and had assumed that Christina had been using a flashlight. That’s when Chitwood says she was shaken by a sonic book she described as three times louder than recent thunder during the monsoon.

“Super freaky feeling,” Chitwood said.

Paulius Vilimas also sent in a video of the aerial phenomenon, this time a view coming from Kingman, Arizona. In the video you can see a streak of light coming from the sky, arching downward from the horizon. The person recording the video is heard audibly gasping as the fireball hurtles toward the ground.

Viewer James W. captured the moment with his doorbell camera. From the stationary perspective, you can see as the meteor blasts downward behind the trees and houses in the foreground. It flickers, illuminating the night sky as a strobe light might before leaving is visible trail of smoke or debris

Jen Farnsworth caught the meteor on camera from Sedona, Arizona. Although the video is monochrome, she describes the phenomenon as “spectacular yellow” turning to blue and then green with an orange tail, adding that it was “like nothing I have ever seen before.”

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