‘Merry Impeachmas’ sign sparks controversy in Mountains Edge neighborhood

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A ‘Merry Impeachmas’ sign has sparked quite the controversy in a Mountains Edge neighborhood.

The sign has been up for five days. Since then, the homeowner says her house has been egged and a rock was thrown through her window. 

“It really was about expressing our political sort of beliefs but not in an obscene or hateful type of way. We thought this was just a fun way to do that,” Samantha said. ​​

On Wednesday, Samantha said someone egged her house. 

“I was very surprised at the number of people who said you asked for this, this is what you deserve,” she said. “Someone actually said I’m surprised no one has shot at your house yet.”

She’s still cleaning up the yolk and the egg shells from her driveway.

​”We may not agree but this is unacceptable.”​

On Friday morning, someone threw a rock through her window.

“If you look at that rock, it’s massive. It could have injured someone. It could have killed a child,” she said. “I have to ask… what have we become? What has this country become?”​

Samantha says she’s open to having a discussion about politics, but violence is not the answer.

“Everyone has the right to their belief and their right to their freedom of speech and the right to express their opinions,” she said. “As much as we all have different beliefs, we share this community. We need to look out for each other.”

​​Samantha plans to add extra security to her property. She is still debating whether she’ll leave the sign up. 

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