LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Glen Simpson, Senior Director of Community Ambulance, was on the scene when the first shots pierced the air at the Route 91 Harvest festival five years ago.

In an extended interview with 8 News Now, he talks about the heroes of 1 October — people who paid for the tickets to that concert and turned in an instant to help others when the shooting started. They weren’t paid to be there, and they had the chance to get out of harm’s way. “But they didn’t,” Simpson said. They went to work.

Five years later, Simpson tells how 1 October brought people together, and the personal challenges that he and his team had to deal with after the shooting. But through it all, he remembers how people pulled together in the face of a horrible tragedy.

“We had a duty, an obligation … a ‘want’ … to begin responding from within,” he says of the Community Ambulance crews that were at the concert. “And that’s what we did.”