LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — More than 2.9 million passengers traveled through McCarran International Airport showing a gain of nearly 300,000 passengers compared to the month of March. It was the busiest month for travel since the start of the pandemic.

As COVID-19 cases decrease and more people are vaccinated, people seem to feel more comfortable traveling on airlines, however it’s still not back to pre-pandemic numbers. In April 2019, nearly 4.3 million passengers traveled through McCarran, according to an airport news release.

Domestic flights are making up the majority of travel. Year-to-year data comparing 2019 to 2021 shows domestic flights are down 43% and international are down 93%.

Here’s a look at passenger numbers over the past seven months:

  • October: 1,981,310
  • November: 1,806,909
  • December: 1,669,768
  • January: 1,505,422
  • February: 1,614,130
  • March: 2,575,582
  • April: 2,906,866

Southwest was the busiest airline when it came to servicing Las Vegas it led the passenger count with 1,033,531, up nearly 16% from March. Spirit had 338,756 passengers in April compared to 328,310 in March and Frontier flew 303,586 passengers in and out of McCarran compared to 285,537 in March.