LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Thousands of people coming to Las Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend are running into an obstacle that many locals are getting too familiar with — a rideshare shortage. It is creating long waits at McCarran.

Rideshare company Uber says McCarran Airport is the most in demand location in the world for Uber rides right now.

Travelers are bracing for crowds as a shortage of drivers continues in Las Vegas.

“It is crazy, I was not expecting this, but I guess everybody needs to get away right, after everything that is going on,” said Jackie Ng, visiting from San Francisco. “I tried three or four times and we could not get any driver.”

“My phone has been spinning, spinning and spinning can’t find a ride,” added Kristen Pepler, visiting from Connecticut. “It keeps cancelling out telling us to try a new Uber; we downloaded Lyft we were able to get one but we had to spend more money.”

Since restrictions started rolling back, the rideshare shortage has been an ongoing problem.

“More people at the airport, more people coming so business is picking up,” said driver William Irelan.

Irelan says there is no shortage of customers now. He says the governor’s emergency order to stop surge pricing is one of the contributing reasons why drivers are not returning to the road.

“I have seen some of the Facebook posts about ‘oh, I don’t want to argue with riders about the mask,’” said Irelan. “From gas prices going up, locals don’t tip, you know what, don’t expect a tip.”

Irelan thinks bringing back surge pricing would help, but so would a pay increase from Uber and Lyft.

“Surge pricing would be great, you know they can always increase the rate they pay their driver,” Irelan said.

Despite the waits, people were still just happy to be here.

“Might as well turn up in Vegas, can’t turn up nowhere else, geez” said Sonya Johnson, visiting from North Carolina.

8 News Now did reach out to Uber and Lyft. Both say they are offering incentives to get drivers out there and they are working with the governor on the surge pricing concern.

Friday morning, people were waiting 20 to 30 minutes for their rides, but now some are waiting longer.

Many forget about the taxi line, it may cost a few more bucks but you may be able to start your vacation sooner.