LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Two Las Vegas women were busted for allegedly operating an illegal brothel in the city. According to an arrest report released Friday, it all started with a hunch that led to probable cause.

A Metro Police detective came across the ad online while investigating possible illegal brothels in the area. While looking through the ads, he ran across one offering exotic massages.

On Jan. 10, 2021, the detective texted the number. When the person on the other end texted him back, they asked him where he had seen the advertisement, and he told them he saw it in the El Mercadito newspaper. They asked him if he was an officer, and he said that he was not, and then he was texted an address, along with prices that ranged from $60-$150 and times from 20 minutes to an hour, the report said.

For about a week, Metro detectives conducted surveillance of the area around the address that was texted to the detective, and they saw a continued pattern of men coming for about 15-20 mins and then leaving, the report said. The most popular hours were between 1 p.m. – 6 p.m., which seemed to be some of the busiest times.

Metro ran the license plates of one of the customers and reached out to him, and that is when he told officers that he paid $80 for a provided service. He also confirmed that the home is a house of prostitution.

Detectives served a search warrant on the home and found other evidence that showed it was an illegal brothel. They found numerous mattresses in odd places, such as a closet, a lot of mattress pads, small partition set up, condoms, wipes, and lubricant just to name some, the report said.

Two women who lived in the home were arrested. Their names are Maria Gabriela Zuniga and Beatriz Concepcion Ramos-Palacious. They both have denied operating an illegal brothel. They said they were just there to visit friends.

Read their arrest reports below:

They’re facing charges of encouraging a brothel and living on the earnings of a brothel.