LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With the TSA no longer enforcing a federal mask mandate for transportation, officials at Harry Reid International Airport said they were dropping their mask requirement.

In a Twitter post late Monday they stated, “We’ve followed @TSA guidance throughout the pandemic and now are pleased to share that masks are no longer required in U.S. transportation hubs, including airports.”

This announcement comes after a federal judge in Florida struck down a CDC directive regarding mask mandates for travel early Monday. The mandate included travel by air, rail, or in rideshares.

As a result of this ruling, the TSA concluded that it will no longer enforce requiring the use of masks on public transportation and transportation hubs.

Officials at Harry Reid had told 8 News Now earlier in the afternoon that they had yet to receive any former direction from the TSA and that masking would remain until they did. That resulted in the masking continuing for several hours after the ruling.

Airlines, airports and transportation companies have the ability to require masks at their discretion. Travelers can continue to mask if they wish.