Masa Magic: Valley chef turns authentic tortillas into thriving business

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — All good Mexican cuisine starts with an authentic, healthy corn tortilla. That’s the idea behind Masazul, the creation of local chef Mariana Alvarado. She started the tortilla and health food company while teaching cooking classes for Air BnB Experiences in 2019.

“Since I was teaching Mexican cuisine, the thing that was lacking was the tortillas,” Alvarado said. “I’d been studying that for a while, but then I decided to go forward and just focus on that first.”

Alvarado sources the organic heirloom corn for her tortillas from Mexico and uses only three ingredients in their production: corn, water and lime. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she started delivering her products to neighbors and customers, creating a client base.

“I think a lot of people realized some of the food we’re eating can affect our health,” she said. “There were a lot of health-conscious clients who decided to come and support us.”

The popularity of her tortillas and her friendship with the owner of Vegas Test Kitchen in downtown Las Vegas led to the creation of Taco Tuesday at the restaurant. Every Tuesday, Alvarado and her crew prepare delicious recipes with her masa, from tacos to quesadillas to tamales and much more.

“We developed our recipes and we adapt them so everyone can enjoy something that’s familiar, but at the same time it’s the highest quality,” Alvarado said.

She said what makes the dishes special is what kind of heirloom corn the tortillas are made with. They analyze the starch and fat content of each strain of corn to produce masa and tortillas with the best textures for specific meals.

“Every time you come (to Taco Tuesday,) we’re talking to you about what variety we’re featuring, why, and what you should expect when you eat it,” she said.

More information about Masazul and their products can be found on their website or their Instagram, @masazul_. Tickets for Taco Tuesday at Vegas Test Kitchen can be found at this link or via the link at the top of the Masazul website. 

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