LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Former Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch on Thursday announced the launch of Dodi Blunts, a “premium, crafted cannabis brand-platform” that will showcase 24kt diamond-infused blunts.

The larger-than-life Lynch, who has capitalized on his popular “Beastmode” image through a variety of commercial endorsements from his line of apparel to Subway sandwiches, is shown smoking in a video that accompanied the announcement.

A blunt is a cigar that has been hollowed out and filled with marijuana. Lynch’s company will use palm leaves as wrappers. The “diamonds” are THCa diamonds — crystalline structures that are developed in sauce extracts.

Lynch was caught on camera lighting a blunt using the Al Davis Memorial Torch at the Raiders’ stadium in Oakland, Calif.

“I did. True,” Lynch said. “I think it was only right to send the Raiders off in a real Oakland way.”

He retired before the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas, but has been a continuing presence for the team.

Dodi Blunts, owned by Lynch, is launched in partnership with Toronto-based innovation house 2nd and Goal Ventures.

“I’ve been around dodi most of my life,” Lynch said. “As I learned more about the business, the financial upside, the good that could be done, and the doors it could open, I knew it was something I needed to be rockin’ with.”

Lynch will work with the best growers and strains to produce premium-crafted Dodi Blunts, according to a news release. “Fans who indulge in the first run of Dodi Blunts will experience the highest, richest potency from palm leaf-wrapped blunts infused with THCa diamonds presented in a reusable blunt tube.

And at the end of the day, the industry has the ability to raise up Black and Brown communities—and I intend to lift up those who I can. Plus, dodi allows me to share with the world. What gets me (and my fam) in our zone, so others can get on my level.

Marshawn Lynch

“Dodi Blunts is launching with the first athlete of Marshawn’s caliber at a moment in time when all the canna-stars are aligning: Sports, Culture and Society, and Politics and Legalization,” said Jeff Goldenberg, 2nd and Goal founding partner.

“Dodi Blunts challenges the traditional concept of ‘Game Day’ rituals and hopes to promote and normalize the relationship between sports and cannabis cultures,” Goldenberg said.