LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— Many people throughout the valley have decided to skip cooking, and instead, get their meals pre-made this year. Cutting down on the time spent in the kitchen, so more time can be spent with friends and family.

“I just feel like moms have a lot of responsibility and pressure put on them to get the holidays put together so at this point cooking for the holidays is just not my thing anymore,” soon-to-be mom of four, Colleen Faux said.

Colleen isn’t alone, as more and more people during the holiday season opt for eating out or bringing pre-made meals back home.

Steve Whitcomb, who is expecting a big turnout this year says while a home-cooked meal is ideal, he feels getting it pre-made and ready to go the day of is the best option for his family.

“It does take away from how wonderful it was when Grandma cooked and family get-togethers, but with the amount of work involved it’s just too much for one day,” Whitcomb said.

“It takes away from the holiday and takes away from the time we can spend together when you have somebody always in the kitchen,” he added.

Of course, there are those that stick to tradition at all costs stating that part of “family time” is cooking at home and being in the kitchen for the cleanup afterward.

“I was raised in Hawaii and family is everything over there. I’ve been cooking for my whole family since I was a little kid so it just feels right to me so I can’t imagine it another way,” Hinano Marquez said.

Grocers, such as Winco will close at 5:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Smith’s closes at 4 p.m., and Walmart at 6 p.m.

Places like Marie Calendar’s will be open for dine-in seating on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.