LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A white man accelerated his car and yelled at a group of Black individuals in what Las Vegas Metro police called a racial-motivated fight that left the suspect stabbed in an act of self-defense, officers said.

Hunter Holman is charged with assault with the use of a deadly weapon motivated by bias or hatred toward victim, and child abuse or neglect, records showed.

On July 9, Las Vegas Metro police responded to a reported stabbing near the Marriot Grand Chateaux on East Harmon Avenue near the Las Vegas Strip.

Holman had called 911, saying he had stabbed a Black man, police said. Holman was several injures, including “a puncture near his belly button,” police said.

A witness said he saw a man, later identified as Holman, driving a car on Harmon Avenue and yelling “racial slurs to a group of Black people” that were walking on the sidewalk, officers said.

“Holman pulled his vehicle up to the group and exited,” officers wrote in an arrest report. “Holman then engaged in a physical confrontation with the group of people and [the witness] states that he observed Holman was struck physically but did not see any weapons.”

Surveillance video of the incident showed Holman accelerating at the group, getting out of his car and charging at the “group of people,” police said.

Holman was taken to the hospital for his injuries. While speaking with police, he said a group of “Black male and Black female individuals… were walking in a roadway,” officers said. In that group was an 8-month-old child, police said.

Police spoke to another witness, who said Holman was shouting racial slurs at the group, officers said. The witness then said he stabbed Holman in self-defense, fearing Holman had a gun.

Police arrested Holman on July 29, they said. He denied using any racial slurs and said “he was having a bad day.”

Holman was released on bond and was due in court later this month.