Man pleads guilty to second degree murder in connection to Aric Brill case

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One of the suspects accused of killing a 16-year-old boy back in 2009 took a plea deal on Friday. 

The details surrounding Nadim Hiko’s plea deal are still unclear, but 8 News NOW can confirm that Hiko accepted a lesser charge.

Brill and his friends were outside of a party near Charleston and Sloan, when Arthur Moore, Devonte Wash, Devon Phillips, and Hiko allegedly tried to rob them. 

Brill was shot trying to run away.

“They were 16-year-old kids and they were shot in the back by some cowards,” said Karen Brill-Kelley, Brill’s mother. 

Police say a group of armed gang members got away with twenty dollars and a cellphone. 

“I’m a strong person. I don’t break. I don’t bend. This literally just held me in my tracks for a long time,” Brill-Kelley said. 

The case went cold, but Brill-Kelley never stopped searching.

“He was my child. I wanted him for so long,” she added. 

The men were arrested seven years later and plead not guilty. Until today, when Hiko pleaded guilty to second degree murder.

“15-25 years is not enough time for taking somebody’s life,” said Brill-Kelley. “I mean I don’t care who it is. Whether it’s a baby, mother, a child, grandfather. When you take a human life, you should pay for the rest of your life.”

Aric Brill’s life was cut short by a senseless and meaningless crime. 

Brill-Kelly added “How is somebody going to get out of jail in 15 years for murdering another human being?”

Karen always wonders what could have been.

“He wanted to go to college. He didn’t get his driver’s license. He never went to the prom. You know, none of these things,” Brill-Kelly said.

Hiko will be sentenced on February 21. 

The three other defendants’ trials will also take place this year.

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