LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man is accused of touching himself on a flight to Las Vegas, taking out his genitals, asking a woman to have sex, and then assaulting her mid-flight, court documents said.

Michael Peterson faces federal charges of simple assault and indecent exposure in connection with the June 1 incident, court documents said.

That day, on a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas, investigators claim Peterson masturbated on the plane and assaulted a female passenger sitting next to him, court documents said.

Peterson reportedly performed the sexual act in front of the other passenger, pulled out his genitals and grabbed the woman, documents said. The woman took video of the incident.

Investigators said the woman told them Peterson “repeatedly stared at her” and that he “put his hands down his pants and [pulled] out his penis so that it was visible to [her],” documents said.

The complaint also alleges Peterson “had his hands in his pants for the duration of the flight, making gestures that appeared as though he was masturbating,” documents said.

Ten minutes before the plane landed at Harry Reid International Airport, Peterson reportedly typed out a message on his phone and put the device on the woman’s lap.

“Can I take you out so we can have sex?” the message said, according to court documents. The woman verbally responded, “No,” and then Peterson wrote “Yes” on his phone, investigators said.

Peterson then reportedly touched the woman’s thigh, investigators said.

Peterson “exited the plane very fast” after it landed in Las Vegas, documents said. The woman reported the incident to a flight attendant, but since the flight had arrived, the employee told her she would have to report the incident to a gate agent. The gate agent then called Las Vegas Metro police.

A complaint was filed in federal court on Aug. 31. It was unclear when or if Peterson would or has already appeared in court as of Friday.

Peterson’s age nor his home city were indicated in court documents. Due to the federal case, a booking photo was not available.