Man faces child sex crime charges for allegedly instructing juveniles in prostitution, arrest report says

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man faces multiple child sex crime charges after he allegedly exchanged marijuana for oral sex with two juveniles and instructed another in prostitution, an arrest report says. Richard Babb was taken into custody April 25 after Metro Police spoke with three victims.

It began with a traffic stop on March 23. An officer stopped a vehicle that was reported stolen and observed two occupants: a juvenile (Victim One) and a male. The report says when they exited the vehicle, the officer observed the male did not have shoes on, and his pants zipper was down. The juvenile did not have shoes on, either, and was dressed in a black shirt and and skirt.

Because of these details, the officer believed the juvenile was engaging in prostitution.

A Metro detective responded and learned the man solicited the juvenile, offering to pay $150 for sexual intercouse. The male was arrested.

Over the course of the detective’s investigation, they learned there were two additional victims. According to the arrest report, victim one told police she met the man responsible for her prostitution through a friend, identified as Victim Two, also a juvenile.

During an interview with victim two, she told police she met a man, later identified as Babb, on Snapchat around February or March of 2021. She and a friend, Victim Three, spoke with him on the social media platform together. He told them he sells marijuana and other illegal narcotics. The report says they agreed to perform oral sex on Babb in exchange for marijuana, and he picked them up.

According to the report Babb parked at a nearby gas station, got into the backseat between the two victims and reportedly asked, “Who’s going first?” The victims took turns engaging in oral sex on him. He then took them back to where they were picked up, dropped them off, gave them marijuana and left.

Victim Three corroborated Victim Two’s story, the report says.

The detective then spoke with Victim One, who said Victim Two had asked if she was interested in having oral sex for money. The girl told police she said she would go, and Victim Two gave her Babb’s Snapchat and told her to message him.

When victim one spoke with Babb, the report says he told her to “dress older” after she told him her age. He also told her to dress “slutty and sexy.” Babb said she could make a lot of money if she accompanied him to Tropicana Avenue that night, to which she eventually agreed. Babb instructed her on sneaking out of her house, how to dress and what she could charge for certain acts, according to the report.

When Babb picked the victim up, she told detectives there was an unknown female with him who looked like she was “Chinese.” When Victim One messaged Victim Two, the latter reportedly told Victim One she changed her mind and didn’t want to go.

The report says Victim One asked Babb to get out of the car because “there is no point in going if Victim Two is not coming.” Babb did not let her out of the car, told her to “be confident” and that she would be “fine.”

The arrest report details Babb instructed the victim when to change into sexy clothing (at which time, the unknown female gave her black heels) and gave her condoms. The report also says he told her to:

  • Walk up and down street
  • Wait for guys to ask her for “sexual things” for money
  • Walk away if she sees a police officer
  • Share her location with him on Snapchat
  • Instruct men to stay in the area and not drive anywhere if she gets in a car
  • Text him if she has questions

Babb then told her how much to charge for different acts.

The victim told police Babb instructed her to get out of the car. She then went to the parking lot of Raising Cane’s. She said she walked around the parking lot due to not knowing what to do. Several men reportedly approached her for sexual acts, but the victim told them she wasn’t interested.

According to the report, the victim told police she messaged Babb, telling him she would make money doing sex acts so he wouldn’t get mad at her. She eventually got into a car with a man who told her to get in due to the cold. This was the vehicle involved in the aforementioned traffic stop.

The victim allowed police to access her text conversation with Babb, which corroborated what she’d told them about him instructing her on prostitution.

Detectives also obtained surveillance video from Raising Cane’s which further supported her story. They observed the victim sit on the curb, walk around the parking lot and speak with three different vehicles.

According to the report, all three victims gave Babb’s Snapchat username to police. They found it registered to an email and performed a record check on Richard Babb, which revealed past narcotic-related offenses.

During the investigation, police conducted a photo lineup with all three victims at separate times. The lineups consisted of six photos, one of which was Babb. All three identified Babb as the man who either tried to recruit them for prostitution, exchanged marijuana for oral sex or both.

The report says detectives spoke with the victims’ guardians, who told police they did not give consent for their children to be with Babb or under his care.

Babb was taken into custody on April 25 at his apartment complex. His iPhone was impounded, and according to the arrest report, he told the detective he did not want to speak with them at this time.

Babb was booked into the Clark County Detention Center on the following charges:

  • Sex trafficking of child under 14
  • Sex trafficking of child under 16
  • Sexual assault
  • Engaging in child prostitution
  • Kidnapping
  • Luring a child to engage in a sex act
  • Child Abuse/Neglect
  • Statutory sexual seduction

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