LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A stabbing that followed a fight over an eviction notice ended in stitches for one man and a felony battery charge for another.

Andrew Conselvea, 30, is charged with battery with use of a deadly weapon after police picked him up on the street near Desert Pines High School in the east valley on Thursday. He had blood on his body and he was bruised, with bumps above his eye, according to an arrest report.

He is accused of stabbing the man who came into his room to give him an order to leave in a “three- and five-day eviction notice,” according to police interviews. The man who was stabbed is also the ex-boyfriend of Conselvea’s fiance, police said.

Conselvea was asleep when the man came into the room with the eviction notice, accompanied by Conselvea’s fiance, according to the arrest report.

Accounts of the fight vary among the two men and other witnesses, but at least two knives were found. Conselvea admitted to police that he cut the other man, but said it was in self-defense. Police took him into custody in the 800 block of Parkhurst Avenue, just south of Washington Avenue.

He told police he believed his fiance was cheating on him with the other man.

Police found blood on the floor and the walls in Conselvea’s room.

The two men had been in a fight two days earlier at a convenience store at Pecos Road and Washington, but both had decided not to press charges and they were released.

Conselvea is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning. He is currently in the Clark County Detention Center on $10,000 bail.