LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A man charged with assaulting a Clark County School District (CCSD) bus driver said there’s more to the story, and that he was only defending himself.

Otis Tanner, 46, is out on bail after allegedly getting into a verbal and physical altercation with the bus driver.

Tanner said that he was defending students for an incident that had happened a day prior, but when he confronted the bus driver, things got out of control.

Tanner said that the day before the attack, his daughter and several other students were kicked off the same bus, by the same bus driver, for unknown reasons.

Tanner said he alerted CCSD and claimed the principal of Valley High School, where his daughter goes to school, said they would address the issue. However, Tanner wanted to talk to the bus driver himself, one-on-one.

“I was standing on the steps when I was talking to him and at this time he gets up, takes off his seatbelt, and gets out of his seat,” Tanner told 8 News Now. “And then comes at me and says get the ‘f’ off the bus.”

 “He then grabs me and tries to throw me down the stairs,” said Tanner.

Tanner said the situation escalated after the bus driver dispatched campus police.

“He kept antagonizing me and provoking me,” Tanner said. 

“While we were off the bus, he retreated to the bus and grabbed a weapon and proceeded to come back after telling me he was going to bust my head, and then he came after me,” he said.

The situation ended when another parent stepped in, but Tanner said that looking back, although he doesn’t feel like he was in the wrong, he now would have handled the situation differently in front of the kids.

According to Tanner, there was a new bus driver in his neighborhood picking up students Monday. There has been no word on the other bus driver’s condition. Tanner is due back in court Tuesday, Aug. 23.