LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man accused of a deadly stabbing at a west Las Vegas valley park on Friday told police he felt ‘paranoid’ prior to the attack on a man and a dog.

In a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrest report, Rochlon Kareem Hamilton is accused of stabbing Terry Ruth Shrubs, 49, and injuring a dog at Charlie Frias Park along Tropicana near Decatur avenues.

Charlie Frias Park homicide investigation on Feb. 10, 2023 (KLAS)

Metro police were initially dispatched to the park’s tennis courts following the stabbing.

When officers arrived, they were directed by several people that witnessed the stabbing to the suspect nearby.

Officers were then able to take Rochlon Hamilton, 50, into custody without incident.

During his arrest, Hamilton was overheard by an officer stating, “I did it because they was messin with me,” according to the police report.

Officers investigating the scene stated that they found a “black folding knife” inside a garbage can near the playground area where Hamilton was initially detained.

During a police interview, Hamilton stated he “had been going through some things and recently had been feeling paranoid, as though he was being followed,” the report stated.

He also told police he was down on his luck and had become homeless without the help of his girlfriend.

Rochlon Kareem Hamilton arrested in Feb. 2023 after a stabbing at Charlie Frias Park (LVMPD)

When police interviewed Hamilton’s girlfriend she told them she had broken up with Hamilton that day but let him borrow her car on the condition he would pick her up from work, the report stated.

While she was at work Hamilton decided to go to the park to “figure things out.”

He walked to a grassy area at the park to lie down, the report continued.

Hamilton then told police a man walked by where he was laying and asked if he was dead. Hamilton said he ignored the man but then the man repeated the question, and added, “I hope you’re dead because that would be good for you mother f—–.”

Hamilton stated that he was “already on edge and the comment by the man pushed him over the edge,” according to the report.

Then Hamilton got up and “did what he did,” the report stated.

When asked further by officers, Hamilton stated that he blacked out but recalled a dog attacking him.

Hamilton never intended to hurt the dog but described he wanted the dog to get away from him, according to the arrest report.

While responding officers took Hamilton into custody, other officers and citizens were attempting to give the victim identified as, Terry Ruth Shrubs, 49, CPR.

Shrubs was pronounced dead at the scene when first responders arrived at the scene.

Las Vegas Metro police investigate stabbing on Feb. 10, 2023 at Charlie Frias Park. (KLAS)

A witness at the scene told police he was with a group of friends including the victim Shrubs, all of whom were described as transient and frequented Charlie Frias Park, near the tennis court, the arrest report stated.

The witness went on to state that the group he was with walked to a nearby gas station. As the group was walking over they noticed Hamilton sitting in his parked car in the parking lot.

Thirty minutes later the group returned to the park while walking back to the tennis courts the witness said they noticed Hamilton was laying in the field, the arrest report stated.

Then the witness told officers he heard Hamilton yelling obscenities but thought that he was possibly talking to himself or someone else.

The witness then said, a short time later, Hamilton “unprovoked, ran over to where the victim was standing and swung a black folding knife at the victim,” according to the police report.

When the witness realized the victim had been stabbed they followed Hamilton as he ran off so that he did not get away, the arrest report stated.

Another witness also spoke with police during the investigation.

The second witness stated he had his dog with him at the time of the incident.

The witness described the “medium-sized white pit bull” as his pet.

The witness went on to tell police that as Hamilton approached the victim and attacked him with a knife without provocation. The witness’s dog then immediately became protective of the victim “due to Hamilton’s aggressive act,” the report stated.

The dog then placed itself between Hamilton and the victim during the attack, the witness told police.

The dog was then stabbed by Hamilton while attempting to defend the victim and its owner from the attack, according to police.

The dog was taken to the Animal Foundation for further care. A veterinarian later determined the dog had a puncture to its jaw area and was treated for injuries, the report stated.

Hamilton was placed under arrest for open murder with a deadly weapon and taken to the Clark County Detention Center and booked, police stated.