LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Candy for exercise, that’s the exchange a Las Vegas man is accused of offering to children while nearly naked to lure them into his apartment repeatedly.

Over two months after his arrest, the man is now seemingly out of custody.

The arrest happened within an apartment complex near Westcliff and Buffalo Drive in late August. Elizabeth McIver once lived in this “garden style” apartment complex until after the arrest.

“There’s always a parent outside, just sitting on their back porch,” McIver said during a virtual interview Monday afternoon. “All the kids would just get together and play in the big open space.”

This open space of grass and parking spots sits in the middle of several apartment buildings that individual units look out onto. McIver said the families who live in this area frequently allow their children to play together while parents supervise from their windows.

However, on Aug. 25, boys and girls were motivated to play elsewhere within the complex.

“I notice there is a small handful of children jetting across the apartment complex to go into this older man’s apartment,” McIver said. “It was an older gentleman, just kind of by himself, just watching the kids.”

The man, later identified as Kevin Fraizer, 58, had offered children candy from his second-story balcony on the condition they enter his apartment, according to an arrest report. McIver, who said her seven-year-old daughter refused this man’s bait, called her husband to retrieve those who did.

When he arrived, he found three children leaving the unit holding candy. The tenant was wearing nothing but boxers that “were sagging so low that my husband was able to see the top part of his genitalia and his pubic hair,” according to McIver.

Police arrived soon after the McIvers called them. The arrest report shows Fraizer was taken into custody for luring children without their parent’s permission.

However, the arrest report shows this luring act was ongoing, listing it as such a common practice that the children would “know where he keeps his candy in the kitchen,” the arrest report said.

The 58-year-old allegedly required these children to do pushups, pullups, and jumping jacks in front of him to receive the candy, according to police.

Robert Thompson lives directly underneath the unit in question, which is now vacant, according to the staff at the complex. He said he would “often” see unaccompanied children, as young as five years old, go up the staircase next to his front door.

“He lured quite a few up there, at least 10,” Thompson said outside his unit Monday morning. “I knew he was single, and I knew he lived alone. It didn’t feel right.”

He told police that unaccompanied minors would be inside the 58-year-old’s apartment for up to two hours sometimes. Fraizer is quoted as blaming these children’s parents for not watching them hard enough in the arrest report.

According to the arrest report, the children were never touched by Fraizer. One victim is quoted telling police that he was “just standing creepily in the corner with his hands at his side” when they entered the unit.

However, it is not enough justification for the McIvers who have since moved out of this apartment complex following this incident.

“Who knows how long this was going on? Who knows how many children were truly, truly, truly involved?” McIver asks. “Why is this ongoing? How did no one notice this? How come nobody has said anything before?”

While jail records show Fraizer is still in custody, court records show his $5,000 bail was posted the day after he was arrested and he was on house arrest in late September.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department did not return 8 News Now’s request for confirmation of his custody by Monday evening.

Frazier is expected back in court this Thursday for continuing negotiations on a plea.