LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Henderson man was arrested after stabbing the general manager of a strip club in the back three times after a fight involving security and multiple men, according to the arrest report.

Vincent Sullivan, 38, is facing charges of attempted murder with the use of a deadly weapon, assault with a deadly weapon, and three counts of battery with the use of a deadly weapon.

Vincent Sullivan (NLVPD)

On Sept. 10, officers responded to a call at Palomino Club in North Las Vegas in reference to multiple men fighting with security and reports of someone with a knife, police said.

According to police, when officers arrived on the scene they discovered the general manager had three stab wounds on his back however, he was walking, talking, and breathing fine when officers arrived on the scene.

When officers spoke to a security guard, he told police that the altercation started because one person claimed that someone hit his vehicle while pulling out of a parking spot. The person whose car was hit was upset because there was damage done to his vehicle, and as a result, a fight broke out, according to the arrest report.

The security officers were able to put one of the men in handcuffs with the assistance of the general manager. He said while he was helping put handcuffs on the man, he felt someone come behind him, and what he thought punched him a few times, police said.

When the manager turned around he saw Sullivan holding a knife and that is when he realized he had been stabbed, according to the report. Sullivan then tried to stab the manager again and after the stabbing, he continued to threaten the other security guards before walking away.

The general manager was transported to UMC Trauma where he was treated for his injuries. According to the report, the doctor who treated the general manager told him that he was “very lucky” because one of the stab wounds hit his spine and could have hit his spinal cord. Another stab wound also missed his liver by a few inches.

Surveillance footage of the incident confirmed that Sullivan was the one who stabbed the general manager and showed that once the fight started, he pulled something out, sneaked behind him, and stabbed him three times, police said.

Security officers were able to pull up information on all of the men involved in the fight and discovered that Sullivan had a club membership on file, according to the report.

On Sept. 14, officers were able to locate Sullivan near South Eastern Avenue and East Pebble Road where he was arrested on charges of attempted murder, three counts of battery with a deadly weapon, and one assault with a deadly weapon.

Sullivan was transported to jail for booking.