LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A suspect accused of shooting a neighbor to death last month over a parking space is now facing a murder charge. Robert Salone, 40, was arrested Tuesday morning on a felony warrant at his southeast valley home.

According to the warrant, Las Vegas Metro police received a call from 34-year-old Christopher Allen around 12:39 p.m. on Oct. 18 and he reported someone was shooting at him. The 911 operator could hear a gunshot and another man talking to Allen who said an expletive followed by “enjoy it.” During the call, Allen cried out in pain and yelled “he shot me. I can’t feel my legs” before the line went dead. The report said Allen called a second time to give his address on Tipper Avenue, near Nellis Boulevard and Hacienda Avenue, and said he was dying.

A neighbor of Salone’s, who was working on his car, told police Allen drove up in his Dodge Challenger and the two men agreed to work on the car’s brakes. Allen parked the car in front of that neighbor and Salone’s residences.

Christopher Allen’s Dodge Challenger. (Credit: Stacie Owens)

When Salone drove into the neighborhood, he yelled at the men to move the Challenger. Allen said they would in a few minutes which appeared to anger Salone, according to the arrest report. The neighbor told police Allen, who was tightening lug nuts, happened to be holding a tire iron and stood up. At that point, Salone asked “So you got a lug wrench? I’ll be right back.”

The arrest report stated when Salone came back outside he was holding a firearm in each hand and shot in the direction of the Challenger causing Allen to run toward his home for safety but Salone followed him into the home. The neighbor said he heard another gunshot and someone yell.

Salone walked out of the home, got in his own car, and drove away, the neighbor told police.

Another neighbor who witnessed the shooting called 911 and also spoke with police, the arrest report said.

Medics pronounced Allen dead at the scene. According to the Clark County coroner, the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the chest.

Salone is currently in the Clark County Detention Center being held with no bail. He made an initial court appearance Wednesday morning where it was determined he is indigent and will be appointed a public defender.

There will be a status check on his case on Nov. 29.