Man allegedly lures woman to Vegas and kills her, per Pennsylvania Police

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PITTSBURGH, Pa. (CNN) — There is a disturbing investigation spanning across multiple states after a man told police he drove a Pennsylvania woman to the Las Vegas desert, suffocated her and left her to die.

Neighbors who live in Bethel Park, Pa. woke up to county detectives conducting an investigation on their street. Officers were going in and out of Jamie Feden’s home. Feden, 33, hasn’t been seen since September.

“She was a very loving type of a person and I think she was taken advantage of by someone who was a predator,” Bethel Park Police Chief Timothy O’Connor said.

Jamie suffers from Vater Syndrome and police say that limits her mental capacity.

The suspect, 39-year-old John Chapman, was charged in Jamie Feden’s disappearance.

Investigators say Chapman confessed that he drove Jamie to Las Vegas to look at homes, then to the desert for a photoshoot.

The criminal complaint says: “The suspect bound the victims hands and feet with plastic zip ties, and affixed her to a signpost. He then applied duct tape to her mouth, and then to her nose until such a time that she was unable to breathe.”

Chapman says Jamie suffocated, then he untied her, removed the tape and her clothing and left her in the desert.

But, Chapman has not been charged with homicide.

“Any kind of homicide charges that if it occurred in Nevada and if there was a body is found out there would fall within their realm and they’d have to assume prosecution,” Chief Timothy O’Connor said.

According to police, while Jamie was missing, her family says someone reached out to them from her Facebook Messenger account, pretending to be Jamie. Police say Chapman was on the other end.

“I feel so sorry for them and I just hope they do get that person and I hope he gets what he deserves for that family because that is so wrong,” one neighbor of Jamie said.

Chapman’s family says he and Jamie met at either a high school or college for students with special education needs. They also say he is married. His family thought he was going on a work trip when this incident allegedly happened.

According to detectives in Las Vegas, they found a body that fits many of Jamie’s unique characteristics, but the body has not been officially identified yet.

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