UPDATE: This article has been edited to correct errors regarding the relationship between the suspect and the victim.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man was arrested after police say he shot and killed another man in Las Vegas on Oct. 20.

Sergio Calzada, 21, was found shot in the face inside his car on Christy Lane near Nellis Boulevard and Washington Avenue on Oct. 20. He had been waiting outside a co-worker’s home because a group of employees had plans to go to the National Finals Rodeo.

Police arrested Diego Cruz-Gomez, 21, Tuesday. Cruz-Gomez’s arrest report said a witness driving by Calzada’s Dodge Charger saw a man walk up to the car and then heard three or four shots, and then saw the man run away. The witness gave police a description of the shooting suspect.

When the Cruz-Gomez’s co-worker returned to his home, police were already there investigating the shooting.

Prior to Calzada’s shooting on Oct. 20, Gomez walked into Summerlin Hospital emergency room with a gunshot wound to his upper left arm, the arrest report said. Medical staff told police he was “evasive and not giving straight answers,” about how he was shot.

When police ran a records check on Gomez, they found he was a suspect in an armed robbery and grand larceny auto on Oct. 11. He was accused of going to buy a gun from someone at a park and then turning the firearm on the victim and stealing his truck, the report said.

The victim gave Gomez’s phone number to police who then put him in a photo lineup where he was positively identified by the victim as the suspect.

According to the arrest report, police realized that the robbery took place three miles from where Calzada was killed and Gomez’s home address is next to the park. The report also said Gomez told police what appeared to be a made-up story about how he accidentally shot himself while rabbit hunting in Utah with a friend named Roger. Police could not locate any friend named Roger.

When Metro police processed Calzada’s car, they found a gun inside his vehicle.

In addition to an open murder charge, Gomez is facing charges of robbery with the use of a deadly weapon, grand larceny of a vehicle, grand larceny of a gun, conspiracy to commit robbery and conspiracy to commit a non-felony crime.