UPDATE: This article has been edited to reflect Delaney’s guilty plea for “sexually motivated coercion.”

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Washington man who was convicted of “sexually motivated coercion” with a woman on the morning of his own wedding in Las Vegas will spend no time behind bars, according to court documents.

Omar Delaney was arrested in the early morning hours of April 20, 2022, the day of his wedding, and accused of sexually assaulting a woman who had traveled to Las Vegas with the wedding party.

Delaney was then charged with two counts of sexual assault, one count of open or gross lewdness and one count of battery with intent to commit sexual assault. He later plead guilty to a lesser charge of sexually motivated coercion, documents said.

Prosecutors said that the night before the wedding, Delaney helped the victim to her room after their group was out celebrating. The victim said she had been drinking but was “conscious and in control,” according to police.

After Delaney helped the victim to her room, he went in uninvited, made verbal sexual advances, and assaulted the victim while she told him she did not like it. Delaney then left, came back and continued.

On Jan. 12, 2023, Judge Jennifer Schwartz gave Delaney a suspended sentence of 14 to 48 months in prison and placed him on no more than 48 months of probation, according to documents. In addition to the probation, Delaney must abide by a curfew that is to be determined and must register as a sex offender.