LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An observant police officer who noticed a teen sleeping on the floor at Harry Reid International Airport suspected the girl might be the victim of sex trafficking after discovering she was reported missing by her mother a week earlier.

The man accused of sex trafficking her, Vincent Grayson, 50, is now facing felony charges of sex trafficking a child under 18, kidnapping a minor, and child abuse/neglect.

According to Grayson’s arrest report, the victim told police the two had met at a store inside a motel on Main Street near Owens Avenue in January 2023 and began a friendship that became intimate and resulted in the teen running away from home on April 13 to stay with Grayson who allegedly prostituted her out to other men.

During the week she was with Grayson, court documents state the victim had approximately 20 prostitution dates. The documents also stated Grayson required her to be “quick with it” so she could collect her money and move on to the next date.

After Grayson was kicked out of the motel on April 19, he took the victim to Cameron Street and Tropicana Avenue, a “street highly trafficked by prostitutes” and set up four prostitution dates earning $1,100, according to the arrest report.

“He walked up to her after every date and collected the money,” the report said.

Following the dates, Grayson and the teen were unable to get a hotel room so they went to Reid International Airport to charge their phones and get some sleep. It was during that time that a Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer noticed the girl sleeping on the floor. After speaking with the teen and Grayson, the officer discovered through a records check the victim had been reported missing a week earlier.

In addition to the kidnapping and trafficking charges, Grayson is being charged with abuse/neglect for allegedly being violent toward the victim. Grayson is accused of yelling at the victim and grabbing her shirt and lifting her off the ground and then pushing her into a wall, the report said.

Court records show Grayson has previous arrests for being a fugitive from another state and a conviction for conspiracy to commit forgery in 2015. He served six months.

Grayson is due to make a court appearance Thursday, August 10.