LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A visit to Gilcrease Park left a family in shock after they say they caught a man exposing himself.

Megan Mejia says she captured the incident on her cell phone while she and her mother were visiting the northwest valley park near Hualapai and Grand Teton around 6:00 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 17.

Mejia says she reported the incident to authorities but the man has not been caught and didn’t appear to be bothered when he noticed others were nearby.

“As we start speaking loudly telling them about the man who is doing this and you need to go home, the man hears us, looked at us, pulled his pants up, and ran away,” Mejia tells 8 News Now.

The incident was quickly shared on social media apps including NextDoor, alerting residents including Christine Phillips to be on guard since the area is very popular with children.

“It’s shocking honestly because we come to this park because we feel safe for our kids, to hear this is surprising,” said Phillips.

Mejia who is also a teacher says her love for children forced her to speak up.

“He didn’t seem to be there. In my head, I thought he had a mental illness or was under the influence of something. He seemed out of it,” said Mejia.