LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A man was arrested on Monday after allegedly following three female minors to the bathroom at the Cardenas food court on Bonanza Road.

59-year-old Jose Juarez was taken into custody on Monday evening after allegedly blowing kisses, following three girls to the bathroom hallway, and trying to lure them into the men’s restroom according to his arrest report.

According to police, around 5 p.m. a father called 911 after his three daughters went to use the restroom and ran back in fear saying that a man followed them to the bathroom and was waving at them to follow him to an unknown area.

According to the arrest report, the oldest daughter walked into the women’s restroom with her two younger sisters when Juarez walked into the doorway and blew a kiss at her.

The oldest daughter stated that she was scared because the bathroom door was open and he was standing in front of the door blocking it. The arrest report said, Juarez pointed to the men’s restroom door and made a “come here” gesture with his hand. When Juarez went into the men’s restroom that is when she grabbed her two sisters to leave.

The oldest daughter noticed that Juarez looked excited when she opened the door and was still blowing kisses and waving at them as they ran away, according to the arrest report.

Video surveillance also showed Juarez making a hushing motion with his finger to the girls as they ran away the arrest report said.

According to police, when asked what happened, Juarez stated that he likes girls and then corrected himself saying he likes women.

He said he blew a kiss at the “older looking girl” because she blew a kiss at him. He said after blowing kisses by the bathroom he sat down and saw her again so he blew more kisses. Juarez denied blowing kisses at the younger two girls but did admit to blowing kisses and waving to the older one, according to the arrest report.

The police also said Juarez stated that he loves women and likes to chase after them.

Juarez was placed under arrest for luring children with the intent to engage in sexual conduct. Juarez was arrested and transported to CCDC for booking.