LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Even though yesterday’s shooting was an isolated incident, how does mall security prepare for this kind of situation?

8 News NOW Reporter, Orko Manna, spoke with experts about the steps security officers should take and what kind of training, if any, store employees go through.

“What they are trained to do, is observe and report,” said Jonathan Simon, CEO of Simon Protection Group.

Security expert Jonathan Simon says Allied Universal, the company in charge of protecting the Fashion Show Mall did what any company should have done Tuesday night, treat the situation as the worst-case scenario.

“They don’t know whether or not it’s an isolated incident like thankfully this one was, but unfortunate, but they don’t know yet, so they have to treat it as such, as an active shooter protocol,” added Simon.

That protocol involves getting eyes on the suspect, event though mall security officers are often unarmed.

“While everyone else is running away, the security officer should be running toward the scene, even if they’re unarmed, so that they can get eyes on what’s going on, to see if they can identify the shooter, provide information back to their dispatch, who in turn will get it to law enforcement officials,” added Simon.

Also crucial is training.

In a statement to 8 News Now, Allied Universal said:

Brookfield Properties, the management company for Fashion Show Mall said the following:

Brookfield Properties says they don’t train the employees of individual stores at Fashion Show Mall on how to respond to shooting scenarios. They say that’s up to each specific corporate team.

But Mr. Simon says that’s not enough.

“I think the management company of a mall should have oversight over their tenants, and I think that they should ensure that their tenants have that type of training, active shooter response,” added Simon.

8 News NOW Reporter, Orko Manna continued to speak with Mr. Simon in a live interview on our Facebook page.

This isn’t the first incident like this at the Fashion Show Mall.

Last May, a man was arrested for firing a gun inside the mall. That night, police say two groups got into a fight. One man shot once. No one was hurt in that incident.

In July of 2014, two groups of men got into a fight at the Fashion Show Mall and someone fired a gun. One man was shot in the neck.

Finally, a separate frightening incident from 2018. This incident happened at Boulevard Mall. Emile Hobson, 25, was arrested for walking through the mall carrying a fake rifle. He was wearing a mask during the incident and that inside thought the gun was real. He was later charged with felony terrorism.