LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nothing’s as cool as a pool for a 9-year-old’s birthday. Especially when it’s a surprise gift to be shared with friends and family during the Las Vegas Valley’s summer heat.

“This is a truly once in a lifetime opportunity for him,” says Jenny Krshul of her son, birthday boy Bradley, who because of a nervous disorder uses a wheelchair and has muscle spasms and seizures.

A therapy pool from Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada, presented Saturday (July 9) at a surprise birthday party, brought plenty of joy to the Las Vegas youngster and his friends and family. For Bradley, it’s a birthday gift of his dreams.

Scott Rosenzweig, chief executive of Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada, says allowing Bradley to realize that dream is a special deal for his nonprofit.

“It’s an incredible day for us that we’ve been working on for about eight months now,” Rosenzweig says. “And we’re thrilled to be able to give him this pool where he can start to feel weightless and feel like any other kid splashing around in the Southern Nevada heat this summer.”

Rosenzweig and Jenny Krshul agree that the therapy pool offers Bradley much more than summer heat relief. Dips in the pool can develop muscle strength and a special confidence.

“He wants his freedom,” Jenny Krshul says, “and I feel like this pool will give him some sort of a freedom, to go in the water, kick those legs and give him some independence.”

Adds Rosenzweig: “A pool where he can splash around and really kind of strengthen his arms and his limbs would be the greatest impact to Bradley’s life.”

And getting to share it with friends and family on his ninth birthday?

Well, that’s pretty cool.

“Everyone that Bradley loves and adores his here,” Jenny Krshul says between dips with Bradley.