LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– People in the northwest valley are concerned following a string of mailbox thefts.

In the Sierra Hills community of Centennial Hills, neighbors have been sharing security camera footage of people vandalizing mailboxes and stealing the contents inside.

“He sat in the front seat and goes over to the box and pops it off, said Mike May, a victim of mail theft. “She comes from the back seat and grabs all the mail and goes back, helps out for a couple of seconds and then they both take off.”

May initially thought this was an isolated incident, he told 8 News Now, but he soon found out that several other neighbors in his area had experienced the same thing.

“Reaching out to Nextdoor and the Ring Neighborhood Watch, it has spanned several neighborhoods over the past few weeks,” said May. “It looks like they are hitting five to six neighborhoods a night and it’s just been rampant.”

Tiffany Wolfe said she imagines this kind of theft is especially challenging for those who receive income through the postal service. “There’s a lot of older people who live around and rely on the mail and get their social security checks and things like that and that’s concerning for them, because what happens when they don’t get it?”

Police reports have been filed regarding the thefts and vandalism and several neighbors said they have reached out to the U.S. Postal Service for help.