LVMPD: Use of neck restraint tactic now limited to when ‘officer’s life is being threatened’

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has changed the policy for when officers can use the restraining technique known as the Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint (LVNR) to instances where an officer’s life is being threatened.

Before this change, officers were allowed to use the neck restraint tactic when “confronted by an assaultive person.” Now, Metro police say it will be used “only when an officer fears for their life in a deadly force encounter.”

LVMPD says the new change is effective immediately and reflected in the department’s Use of Force policy.

According to police, the LVNR is a control technique applied to the sides of the neck, using a combination of physiological factors to restrict blood flow to the brain which may cause the subject to lose consciousness.

It is not, LVMPD says, a chokehold which is used to restrain a subject by restricting their breathing. LVMPD claims it has never permitted or condoned the use of chokeholds.

The department decided to make a change in the policy after receiving input from the community and witnessing national police reform efforts across the country.

“The LVMPD prides itself on being responsive to community concerns. We are constantly evolving and looking for ways to improve our Use of Force standards. In this case, a national conversation about this technique showed us that we had room for improvement.”

LVMPD Sheriff Joe Lombardo

The LVMPD’s last update of the Use of Force policy was on May 15, prior to the death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests about police reform.

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