LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Two police officers went beyond the line of duty to help an elderly woman who is deaf and whose home was burglarized.

Officers Amanda Montalto and Jacob Greguras of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responded recently to a call reporting that a home had been burglarized, according to a post on the department’s Facebook page. When the officers arrived, they found that the elderly victim was deaf.

The officers used a notepad to communicate with the victim and discovered that the house was equipped with a light system to alert the woman when the doorbell rings, the phone rings or when the smoke detectors are activated.

The woman told officers that the system in the house was not working properly because the batteries were dead.

The officers then went to a local auto parts store and purchased batteries that were required for the system to work. The officers returned to the victim’s home to install them and the system began functioning again.

LVMPD said on its post that these officers “saw a need and did the right thing for the victim.”

Montalto and Greguras are the next “Good Ticket” recipients and have been rewarded a “Good Ticket” staycation package from Resorts World Las Vegas, the post said.

The 2022 “Good Ticket” program is sponsored by Resorts World, which donates staycations to the officers for their recognized work.

The “Good Ticket” program was launched by the LVMPD Foundation, which provides the public an opportunity to recognize LVMPD officers for their positive actions in the community.

The program was established in 2019 in collaboration with Sydney Ramenofsky, a former member of Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada.