LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Some say street racing across the Las Vegas valley has gotten worse. In response, Metro police have created a special team called RAID, which is specifically designed to catch reckless drivers.

It is a mixed reaction from residents that live along Grand Teton Drive and El Captian Way, as some say they have seen an increase in police presence in the area, however loud booms, popping, and marks on the road continue to be a major issue.

Mike Herman has lived off Grand Teton Drive in the northwest valley for almost 20 years and said that within the last few years, street racing has become a constant problem.

“I could guarantee you if you sat Metro up here for a night or two on a Friday or Saturday night, they could meet about half their quote,” Herman said.

This past year Metro created a newly formed racing apprehension and intervention detail team also known as RAID, focusing on reckless driving, intersection takeovers, and destruction on local roadways.

RAID released numbers for 2022 stating 141 people were arrested as a result of reckless driving and 175 citations were given out.

“Some residents in the northwest valley area don’t feel like they’ve seen much of a change,” resident Christopher Marcu said. “It’s uneasy and unsettling. What if we are in our backyard and someone smashes through the wall, you never know what could happen. I’d like to see them crack down on it because we hardly see any actual patrol going on in that.”

Others say that while they still hear racing, they do feel that RAID has made an impact.

“That sound echoes right through, it goes all the way down the road and it’s disturbing at night hearing that stuff going on,” resident Andrew Harper said. “But, I’ve noticed in the last six months or so it’s not so frequently. I’ve noticed some more Metro patrols at nighttime.”

For those who want to report reckless driving, Metro has created a specific email that residents can use to get in contact with them instantly. That email is,