LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Safety has always been a top priority for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

It is keeping the city safe with four paws and a strong nose as they welcome two new K-9s, Bear and Reba, to the LVCVA K-9 Unit.

“With more shows, we have more people at our property. We decided that we could use the help of other K-9s,” K-9 Unit Supervisor Woody Chan said. 

Besides being cute and curious, the Labrador retrievers have an important task during convention season. 

“They are mainly looking for explosives,” Chan said. 

On Wednesday, their handlers put them to the test as they had to find out where there was a hidden scent. 

Chan said the K-9 investigators signal their handlers to dangerous smells by simply sitting in front of the item in question.

“If we didn’t have these dogs here and there was unattended luggage or a box,” Chan explained. “We would actually have to open it up and take our chances to see – hopefully there’s nothing explosive inside.”

Besides being on patrol for conventions that bring in hundreds of thousands of people, the K-9s are used for large events such as the NLF draft, where one of their K-9s picked up on the scent of an unusual powder. 

“It was a good find, I thought,” Chan said. 

With big events like Formula 1 and the Superbowl coming to Las Vegas for the first time, the K-9 unit for LVCVA said they are ready for any task that’s given to them.

There are a total of four dogs in the LVCVA K-9 Unit. Reba and Bear will be taking the place of two older dogs who will be retiring. 

Reba and Bear were purchased for a total of $20,000.