LVCVA adds 2 new dogs to K-9 security to scan for, track explosives

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Additional security at the Las Vegas Convention Center over the last few months has comes in the form of four legs.  The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority added two dogs to its K-9 section, and both dogs have a unique ability. 

Bo and Wells are two black Labs that are Vapor Wake dogs specifically trained to track an explosive trail.  

Watch video to meet Bo and Wells:

“Just scanning for different explosives. “So say if someone has some type of explosive strapped on to their body and they’re moving, the dogs are able to track them as the folks are moving,” said Woody Chan, the K-9 supervisor for LVCVA. “If there’s nothing on there then they’ll venture off to someone else.” 

According to Ray Suppe, the vice president of customer safety for the LVCVA,  the addition of Bo and Wells doubles the size of our k-9 team.”

The pair join two yellow labs who only search stationery items. But overall, all four K-9s enhance safety for the thousands who come to Las Vegas for shows throughout the year. 

“Fortunately we haven’t found anything yet, and that’s a good sign,” Chan said.

Bo and Wells joined the LVCVA K-9 section in November following a generous donation by the Consumer Technology Association which produces the Consumer Electronics Show or CES.  They were the first dogs CES ever donated to the LVCVA.

“It was about a $100,000 donation to the LVCVA,” said Suppe. “It included the training and recurring training for the next couple of years. The Consumer Technology Association traditionally brought in additional dogs every year for their show. So by allowing us to have the two additional dogs here, a total of four really cuts down in the number of dogs they need to bring in.”

The dogs also supported Metro Police during new years eve preparations. 

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