LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas woman who said she couldn’t get back home in time from a trip to California to personally care for two pit bulls left for days on an outside porch faces animal cruelty charges in the death of one dog and the mistreatment of the other, police said Wednesday.

Johnnise Myles, 32, faces two counts of willful or malicious torture, maiming or killing of a dog after Las Vegas Metro police found one of her pit bulls dead and another without food and water on the balcony of her second-floor apartment in the northeast valley, according to an arrest report.

Officers from the animal cruelty section found the dogs on Aug. 11 in the apartment complex on North Lamb Boulevard after a neighbor reported a foul odor from a decomposing dog and the whimpering of the other, police said.

According to the report, Myles left her apartment for California on Aug. 5 and did not return until Aug. 14. She could not return promptly because she had been arrested in California — the report did not specify the charge — her rental vehicle was impounded, and she had to wait for a ride from her mother to return to Las Vegas.

Her original plan was to return to Las Vegas on Sunday, Aug. 7.

She told police she did not see anything wrong with leaving the animals on the patio, even in the extreme Las Vegas heat, because she believed they had enough food and water.

Police said a necropsy would be performed on the one dog; the other dog, along with about 20 fish, a lizard and a snake, were impounded.