LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A first of its kind app is launching here in Las Vegas to change how fans enjoy live sports.

The creators of “LuvSeats” say the idea came from being season ticketholders for many teams over the years.

“There were hundreds of empty seats every single game and no way to do anything about it besides people sneaking forward which we won’t do,” said Darcy Silver — CEO and co-founder of LuvSeats. “Started to look at what could be done about it and chatting with some of the teams, nothing really existed to solve our problem.”

It will launch next month for the Aviators opening game at Las Vegas Ballpark.

The app is a way for fans to buy and sell tickets once they are at the event.

For example, if it is the 5th inning and you want to move closer to the field, you can look to see if there is an available seat.

There is a flat fee on sales and pricing changes in real time as the game goes on.

“The big benefit is if you don’t like your seats and want to move to feel more like a VIP, behind the first base dugout, third base dugout. It’s really all about maximizing fan experience,” said Erik Eisenberg with the Las Vegas Aviators. “We’re giving the fans everything they want, being able to sit where they want. Even though they don’t have the best seats when the game starts, they’re able to upgrade during the game.”

Another use for the app is when you leave a game early and want to make some cash on the empty seat or you want to move to sit with friends.

LuvSeats is also in talks with the Golden Knights and a few other teams across the country.