LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— As memorial day weekend nears many are gearing up for a trip to Lake Mead.
It’s expected to be very busy, especially with limited ramps.

The water level is the lowest it has ever been, and boaters need to be aware of shallow spots throughout the lake. This is a concern for deputy matt stark, who says more objects are surfacing, and that people need to be attentive.

“Little fingers pop up, and in years past you may have been able to have driven full plane past there no problem but this year you are going to a have a prop strike or run a ground.”

Lake Mead is down to one boat ramp, the first time there has been only one for a memorial day weekend. The one available ramp is at Hemenway Harbor, and the three launch ramps on Lake Mojave are still stable.

It’s also important not to take pool floats on the lake. “We have had 40 drownings over the last five years, 15 of those are attributed to pool toys,” says Trooper Snow, a National Park Service ranger.