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HENDERSON (KLAS) — A day after 8 News Now first reported a Henderson funeral home’s license suspension, people with loved ones at Hite funeral home are sharing their concerns.

Among the alleged violations against the business, bodies being stacked on top of each other and mishandled.

“I was in major shock you can ask my daughter Pauline, I couldn’t breathe,” said Carol Gonzales who has a loved one at the funeral home.

Her daughter passed away in July and her remains were at the funeral home at the time the suspension was first reported.

Gonzales goes on to describe her first thoughts when she saw the report air on 8 News Now.

“Unfortunately she was in that mess that I saw in the story,” she said.

“That is not the way to treat loved ones or family members you know, people should be treated decent,” Gonzales adds.

She has now arranged for her daughter’s remains to be moved to another location.

“I trusted them fully with my daughter, she was my youngest daughter I loved her so much,” Gonzales expressed.

The business now has 30-days to cremate or arrange the burials for the bodies in their care.

8 News Now received many emails, phone calls, and messages on Facebook from several people commenting about their own personal experiences with the funeral home.

Tanya Sotelo tells 8 News Now that she thought her mother was at the funeral home after working on an arrangement with Casa de Paz funeral service.

“My mom passed away Monday due to COVID,” Sotelo adds. “Now it seems my mom is in limbo, I have not gotten any phone call, no notification.”

8 News Now reached out to Casa de Paz funeral service, to which it responded by saying it no longer works with Hites Funeral home.

Sotel now says she doesn’t know what to do. “I just did the funeral arrangements yesterday afternoon, my question now is where is my mom or where is she going?”

Hites funeral home does do several cremations, while some funeral homes do not, in which case some of those bodies are sent elsewhere to be cremated.

If your loved one is to be cremated, there are few tips you can ask before services begin.

Some of those questions include: asking how long the body may be held until cremation and if family members can witness the cremation.

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