LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Dozens of local veterans face an uncertain living situation at SHARE Village after their landlord abandoned the complex.

Several SHARE Village residents said they first noticed changes around the complex months ago. Many were taken aback when they were notified that the person that spearheaded the property was stepping down and crucial services began to fade away.

Virginia Fosso said watching her home of six years deteriorate has been emotional and difficult.

“The biggest thing that everyone feels like is being let down and kicked to the curb,” said Fosso. “Services were taken away. We had a community room where we had clothing and reading materials and it was also our cooking center. We had a full kitchen there. That was taken away and now it’s a room for rent.”

People who live at SHARE Village told 8NewsNow notices were recently issued, stating the property manager, Arnold Stalk, had COVID and was stepping down in August.

That move was quickly halted Tuesday by the property owner, YSBM Investments, LLC after a Clark County District judge denied the company’s request to seek a replacement.

“Nobody knows what’s going on in there with the rents or the leases,” said Michael Corrigan, who lives at the complex. “I don’t know either.”

Fosso said she feels abandoned.

“Why did you leave us and abandon us like a dog left in the desert?” Fosso asked. “These people don’t deserve it. The veterans don’t need it. The biggest question is ‘why did you do this (Arnold)?'”

In court documents, YSBM stated it did not know how to run a non-profit organization. Court documents also showed a number of utilities are unpaid in excess of $50,000.