Local veterinarian explains what treats are toxic to your pets, shares tips ahead of Halloween

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) —Everyone knows chocolate is toxic for dogs but do you know which chocolate is the most dangerous?

In today’s Pet Vet segment, we are getting answers on pet-safe foods and treats from local veterinarian Dr. Jamie Augenstein of Oasis Animal Hospital in Henderson.

Earlier this month she tackled xylitol, which is found in sugar-free gum. We learned it can be deadly to your dog.

Today she covers chocolate, other foods, and even medication.

“Everyone knows chocolate is toxic, but it’s in different gradations. The least toxic is white chocolate, then milk chocolate is a tenfold increase from there, next is dark chocolate, then baker’s chocolate, and cocoa. Those are your most dangerous, it’s not a simple one, two, three, four times, it’s tenfold….one-hundred fold, one thousandfold increase in toxicity,” Dr. Augenstein said.

“The stronger the cocoa bean, the exponential toxicity level there is. So you’ve got chocolate that is toxic, there are also grapes, which of course become raisins, we still don’t know why grapes are toxic but they are. there are stories of cases of pets getting one or two, in other cases, they get more, and become poisoned, we don’t know why and we don’t understand it, so we just say – stay away,” she added.

“Garlic, people will sometimes use for flea prevention it doesn’t work. but in excess, can cause problems, and the same thing for onion, quite dangerous, If people are cooking and seasoning with garlic and onion, it takes quite a bit but can be quite dangerous, if people are cooking with it and then share food, pets can definitely get enough and it can cause problems. Of course, Xylitol is the big one, and some nuts as well. you just have to be very careful with what pets can eat, not everything is safe for them,” Dr. Augenstein added.

“Even medications, ibuprofen, never give to the cat, or Tylenol never give to the cat, ibuprofen never give to a dog, Tylenol, you can give to a dog… but…you better know the proper doses. The same thing with aspirin, don’t just dose them as you would for a kid or a person,” she concluded.

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