LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Allie Beck has spent several months training to become a youth leader as part of ICAN’s leadership camp.

“I think it’s just really important to be part of a group that understands you and you can be who you are,” Beck said.

ICAN or Issues Concerning Adolescents of Nevada leadership camps involve teens ages 11 to 17.

It’s five days taking place at Camp Lee Canyon.

She told 8 News Now she is excited to get outside and spend time with friends.

“You get to start over and meet everybody and be part of fun activities but also grow and learn about yourself and others in a way that has such a big impact on you,” Beck said.

Tiffannie Bond, a board director, first started going to camp during her teen years and is now bonding with her stepdaughter Allie through camp too.

“We have campfires, we have a dance, we have a “no talent” talent show. We have all of that stuff, but we also have guest speakers from the community come up and really give our students so much knowledge and confidence and ability to go out in the world,” Bond explained. “We just want them to be good humans.”

The camp has a licensed clinician on board as well as a volunteer chef and other adult leaders.

However, now Bond says camp might not happen this year.

“Time went by really fast and that core base that we had built camp on for many years feeds itself. Kids spread by word of mouth, and they ask their friends and their other friends, it kind of builds from there,” Bond added. “That core base went away during the pandemic because so many kids graduated and moved on.”

President of ICAN Mary Cannizzaro said the nonprofit organization is looking to fill about 50 to 60 youth spots.

“We’re in danger of not being able to have camp this year, not for lack of trying,” said Cannizzaro. “We’ve been wracking our brains trying to find different avenues to find kids and it’s been a little bit of struggle this year more than normal.”

Cannizzaro said leadership camp goes a long way in teaching kids how to be confident and look out for one another as well as addressing issues on drugs, alcohol, mental health, and more.

“A lot of us started when we were kids, so we know the value in it and we really want to pass it on to the next generation and help raise leaders to serve Nevada,” Cannizzaro said.

ICAN has 20 days to meet an enrollment deadline.

ICAN is a nonprofit organization so there are payment plans and financial aid available.

Leadership camp costs $350 and includes all materials, activities, speakers, meals, cabin, and transportation.

It will take place at Camp Lee Canyon from July 21-25th, 2023.

They have about 20 days to meet a certain number of kids before cancellation.