LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Often people believe the fight to end racism in the workplace begins and ends with hiring more people of color. But that’s just the first step.

Rose International, a staffing and talent agency that serves the Las Vegas valley, has a new racial justice initiative.

The “Rose Impacting Social Equality Initiative” is a two million-dollar commitment to advancing racial equity. “Equity” is different from “equality” in that it aims to ensure minorities get the tools and resources they need to achieve. Equality promotes fairness.

The agency’s leadership says it is important to focus on equity because more than 50% of the valley identifies as a person of color.

“To help people of color overcome social and economic barriers in areas of education, career development, workforce support and professional development… we make sure that we are in underserved communities and that we recruit people from those communities,” said Carmia Frazier, director of diversity for Rose International.

The agency says they want to partner with more business owners and organizations to fight racial injustices, and make a difference in the valley.

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