LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas business is taking an initiative to stop crime. The owners of Smokes Mart located at Flamingo and Fort Apache say they’re tired of being the victims of robbery and attempted theft, so they plan to install a new crime-fighting tool that will help police track down criminals. 

“The more we get successful the more people attempt to go after us; rob us, said Amanda Dowdy, manager at Smokes Mart.

Dowdy says she recalls this past January when a group of young men came into the store with guns, forcing her and her husband to the ground.  She said they took all of the money and merchandise.

“You don’t expect it ever, and when that happens it just feels like your not safe,” Dowdy said.

According to Dowdy, someone tried to break into the store again on Easter Sunday.

“It’s always a fear to us each and every day that it’s going to happen again,” Dowdy said.

So, she and her husband are taking action. They plan to install a new device that may deter criminals or catch them.  It’s called DNA Security Solutions.

“It’s a spray that contains an odorless colorless UV light,” said Dowdy. ” What it does is — you alert the system, and it will spray about 15-feet, and it will stay on their skin for 3-6 weeks.”

The system can be activated two ways: Either by a remote button or an under the counter panic button.  It has a capacity of marking multiple offenders.

While the thief might think they got away,  it turns out they’ve been marked with DNA uniquely encoded to that unit.

“I think its the most affordable thing for small businesses to attain because we all need to be safe,” Dowdy said.

Dowdy says it’s a great addition to the many cameras, alarms and door lock buzzers they already have. 

 “We want people that do these crimes to get caught,” said Dowdy.  “If you decide to get us — you’ll probably get caught next time.” 

The owners of Smokes Mart say safety is their number one priority, so the investment is definitely worth the cost. They also hope that through this system Metro Police will save time and money.